Xigmatek XAF Series 140mm Fan Round-Up


A Look at the XAF-F1456

XAF-F1456 Front

Now, I can’t say that I’m a fan of blue LEDs personally, but I do like Xigmatek’s approach to their colored fans with the colored & reflective blades, using white LEDs for lighting.

XAF-F1456 Back

For the last time, there’s no difference between these Xigmatek XAF fans besides the small change in the model number. No surprise there, but sometimes companies do choose multiple products from multiple OEMs to fill a certain product line.

XAF-F1456 Side

Despite the bright color of the blades on this fan, the blue barely shows through the smoked plastic. Once the white LEDs turn on, you can definitely see the blue glow come from the side of this guy. I can say that it works out well here as well. If used correctly, it could make for some brilliant ambient lighting in a build.

XAF-F1456 Accessories

Finally, we have the accessories. The same as the rest.

Now that you’ve seen my test subjects, lets move onto the actual testing, to see just how these products can do.

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