XFX R7950 Double Dissipation Video Card Review


3D Mark

New 3DMark Trailer Shows Stunning DirectX 11 Graphics

3DMark 2013 has several preset benchmarks, however the most demanding is Fire Strike. Fire Strike is a DirectX 11 test that renders detailed graphics in real time. This makes it the best one to use when testing a gaming system.

7950 3DMark Ice Storm

Ice Storm is generally used to evaluate mobile and entry-level systems. For this test, the R7950 was only around 5% better than the HD7870, and 15% better performance over the GTX 560Ti.

7950 3DMark Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is a bit more intensive than Ice Storm, here the difference goes up to 12% between the R7950 and HD7870. It’s always nice to see double digit performance increase.

7950 3DMark Fire Strike

A 14% performance increase over the HD7870 is a nice little boost.

Benchmark Results: For DirectX 11 games, the R7950 does a great job performance wise. Scoring 6,133 marks shows the R7950 still has some life in it. It is powerful enough to allow playing even the most graphically challenging game at a decent quality and frame rate.