XFX R7950 Double Dissipation Video Card Review



Gigabyte HD7870 Heaven

Unigine Heaven benchmark was first released in October 2009, it is now on the fourth generation of the benchmark. It is a benchmark that tests DirectX 11, the scores provided are 100% based on the GPUs performance. Like most benchmarks, it has presets that can be customized for a specific test. These presets makes it easy to get a good comparison of the results. In addition to providing the FPS it also monitors the GPU temperature and clock; however that we will not be concerned with at this time. With Heavens presets being able to adjusted, they were set to the Ultra quality, Tesselation to Extreme and Anti-aliasing to x8.

7950 Heaven Scores
7950 Heaven FPS

Benchmark Results: Once again, the R7950 out performs the HD7870 by around 15% with an average FPS of 30.6.