XFX R7950 Double Dissipation Video Card Review


R7950 Double Dissipation Packaging

R7950 Box

In a tall vertical box, the XFX R7950 would fit in sitting on a retail shelf. In a mostly black box, the pictures and text jumps out for attention. The front doesn’t provide much information other than the model, amount of memory, and that it includes the Ghost Thermal technology. One of the sides, goes through a long list of the features that is included on the R7950.

R7950 Box Back

On the back of the box, XFX has clearly detailed the features and broken them down into groups. Such as in the Xperience group, it mentions the multi-monitor and Stereoscopic 3D capability, and that the R7950 is 4K ready. The side talks a little more about the multi-monitor capability and the Double Dissipation technology.

7950 Accessories

XFX includes a large amount of documentation with the R7950. There is a Driver installation guide, a driver cd, quick install guide, DVI port explanation, warranty card, and a single Cross Fire bridge. The final accessory is a “Do Not Disturb” doorknob privacy notice, like one of those that you would find in a hotel. One “standard” accessory that was missing is a DVI to VGA adapter, granted VGA is being phased out however there are many users still utilizing VGA, they probably have one though.