Aerocool Zero Degree ATX Computer Case

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Aerocool Zero Degree ATX Computer Case

When it comes to reviewing computer cases it seems silly as personal tastes vary so much between individuals, but it still needs to be done so consumers avoid the “bad” cases on the market.  Today Legit Reviews brings you a look at the Aerocool Zero Degree, which is one of the more recent computer cases from Aerocool. This case is aimed at gamers and enthusiasts that are looking for great cooling.  

The Aerocool Zero Degree ATX Computer Case

The Aerocool Zero Degree is different from most standard ATX computer cases as the motherboard actually mounts on the left side of the case, not the right. This means the motherboard is mounted upside-down with the power supply mounted on the bottom of the case. The fan on the side of the case is 250mm, which is also something that isn’t too standard these days.

The Aerocool Zero Degree ATX Computer Case 

Before we take a closer look at the case and install a system in the Zero Degree, let’s take a look at the features.

Case Type
Flexi Tower
Net Weight
SECC 0.8mm

Silver / Black


BTX,MicroBTX,Pico BTX (BTX kits must be purchased separately)


Drive Bays
External:10×5.25″(3 sets of3.5″adaptors),


Expansion Slots

7 Slots
I / O Ports
USB2.0x 2 , Mic & Headphone
PSU size


No depth limitation

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