Thermaltake’s Silent Power Supply Uncovered

As the digital world infiltrates the living room, silent operation becomes the key. More and more people are investing and building home theater PCs. Thermaltake has since released a power supply that is guaranteed to please even the stiffest of audiophiles when it comes to silent operation. The Thermaltake Silent PurePower Fan-less Power Supply sets the bar high when it comes to power, efficiency, and silent operation.

By yves

Microcool — Coolers for Motherboards

We take a look at the entire line of products Microcool motherboard coolers, including the “North Pole” northbridge cooler set, the “Hook Adapter” set for the “North Pole” cooler, as well as their entire family of Microcool “Chipsinks” for passive cooling of the integrated motherboard chips. We check them out and see if your motherboard needs them.

By Legit Staff

Mentor HSMT-UD Headphones

SunnyTech Mentor 3D 5.1 surround sound headphones bring a new level of realism to your gaming and multimedia experiences. These headphones are under $50 and make a great accessory for any audiophile! Read on to see what our staff thought of them and see if they are something you could use.

By Legit Staff