Largest Digital Photograph


Photo stitch programs similar to the one used to make this incredibly large digital photograph are really cool! My Cannon digital camera came with some stitch software and it is awesome! I was able to make a huge panoramic picture of a sunrise off the coast of Cancun, Mexico without the need of an actual panoramic lens! Anyways, here’s a quote from slashdot’s post on the subject… I’m gunna go buy HL2!

“Dutch research institute TNO has unveiled what it believes is the largest digital photograph in the world. The image contains 2.5 gigapixels or 7.5 gigabyte worth of data. It is composed of 600 single images shot by a computer-controlled pan-tilt unit in 7 second intervals. Afterwards, all photos where stiched together using the capacity of 5 high-end pc’s in about 24 hours time.”

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