Half Life 2 owners awaiting server activation


Since Valve and Vivendi have been in a legal tiff over the release of Half Life 2, it seems copies sold this past Tuesday may still be awaiting server authentication. As Charlie Demerjian of the Inquirer writes, Best Buy and Target stores whom sold copies three days early, apparently sold copies made by Vevindi, “blindsiding” Valve. In a ironic twist of fate, Valve now adhering to the original agreement they were none-too-happy with, place Vevindi in somewhat awkward position. Unfortunately for the avid Gamer’s who stood in line to purchase the game originally, must once again “wait on line.”

“…you can buy it early, install it early, and even do fetishistic things with the packaging materials, but you can’t play it. To play it, you need to authenticate off Valve’s servers…” Charlie Demerjian (the Inquirer)

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