Half-Life 2’s Dark Side – CS: Source


Well, I have HL2 installed and unlocked. After my short preview, I found this article from HardOCP. Now I fear that my gaming experience with HL2 will not be as positive as it could have been with the fear of knowing Counter-Strike may never be enjoyable again. Its articles like this that reveal a deep dark side to HL2 and give companies like Valve a black eye. If you were already having second thoughts about purchasing Half-Life 2, this article may just sway you to save your money for the next big game to hit the market.

“It is entirely HardOCP’s opinion that Counter Strike:Source, in its current version, is not ready for an official launch and at best should still be considered BETA Software. Even worse, many gamers and Counter Strike server admins are seeing the official launch of CS:Source as an atrocity and a virtual thumb in the eye to the serious online gaming community, in which Counter-Strike is based.”

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