Microcool — Coolers for Motherboards



Microcool bundle

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a whole line of products from Microcool, an Italian based company that, in their words, specializes in “the design and implementation of products formulated for the thermal control of computer components. The company caters particularly to those who, either from over-enthusiasm or from professional demands, drive their computers at operating frequencies greater than those specified (overclocking). By providing high level cooling systems, Microcool will be able to guarantee maximum reliability of your computer under any operating conditions.”

Microcool was kind enough to send me their entire line of products, including the “North Pole” northbridge cooler set, the “Hook Adapter” set for the “North Pole” cooler, as well as their entire family of Microcool “Chipsinks” for passive cooling of the integrated motherboard chips.

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