Intel’s last Prescott P4, the 570J released today.


Per the Inquirer, the folks at Akiba PC Pricewatch have found the Intel 570J for sale in Japan. The processor will run at 3.80GHz, utilizing a 800MHz FSB (QDR) and a 1MB cache. This will be the last Pentium-4 based on the Prescott core, which was Intel’s foray into, and the world’s first Desktop CPU based on 90nm architecture. Although stopping short of the 4GHz mark, the .09-micron 570J should easily clock to 4.0GHz appealing to Overclocker’s. The processor also features Intel’s thermal and voltage monitoring which assists in the CPU running at lower temps, and consuming less power when idle (see quote). The 570J will be reviewed here at Legit. The following links’ to the Akiba Japan page

“…It includes C1E – enhanced halt state, which lowers frequency and voltage to diminish power consumption and noise, and TM2 – thermal monitoring two…In January next year Intel will introduce its 6XX series, a set of Pentium 4 branded processors which will come with 2MB of level two cache.”

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