Half Life 2 Benchmarks dominated by ATI


Just hours after it’s “real” (server activation) release, Half-Life 2 benchmarks have been published at The Inquirer. Early results indicate ATI’s core technology is the favored catalyst for the game’s graphic engine. In the high performance graphic card catagory between the X800 XT PE and 6800 Ultra, ATI clearly dominates. Comparing the X700 XT to nVidia’s 6600 GT in PCIe, results once again favor ATI. Finally, in mainstream performance for both AGP and PCIe ATI’s masterdom remains consistent. ATI’s command over the competition may not come as much of a surprise since they’ve been working with Valve on the game for some time. Originally scheduled for release last year the game was delayed after source code was stolen. As far back as October, 2003 ATI and Valve were attempting to appease the game’s devotees with special offers. Let’s hope the battle to get Half-Life 2 in the hands of gamers has ended peaceably, so the 3D battle can begin.

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