Intel Pentium G4400 Processor Review – Budget Skylake


3DMark Fire Strike

Futuremark 3DMark has multiple benchmarks depending on your specific needs. Fire Strike is the benchmark that is designed for gaming computer, so we will focus on that benchmark.

Intel Pentium G4400 3DMark
Intel Pentium G4400 3DMark FIrestrike Overall Score
Intel Pentium G4400
Intel Pentium G4400 3DMark FIrestrike Details

Benchmark Results: Anything that is GPU dependent is going to receive extremely low scores as the Intel HD 510 isn’t designed to be a gaming GPU. 3DMark shows this right off the bat with a huge jump in performance with the EVGA GTX 970. There is around 11% difference in the Pentium G4400 and the i5-6600K when the processor is the only difference. The detailed scores, shows us where that difference comes in, which is the Physics capabilities; it’s something that is heavily reliant on the CPU. If you are lucky enough to be able to overclock the G4400, 3DMark is showing about a 4% boost over the base clock speed, reducing the performance difference to 7% between the overclocked G4400 and the i5-6600K.