Intel Optane Memory Tested As Boot Drive, Secondary and RAID 0

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AS SSD Benchmark

AS-SSD (1.9.5986.35387) Benchmark:

We have been running the AS-SSD Benchmark app for over some time now and found that it gives a broad result set. The programmer has worked very hard on this software and continues to make updates often so if you use it, show him some love and send him a donation. There are now three tests that are found within the tool and we’ll show the results from all three of them.

Intel Optane Memory 32GB – Boot Drive:

Intel Optane Memory 32GB – Secondary:

Intel Optane Memory 32GB – Secondary RAID 0:

Benchmark Results: AS SSD showed the Intel Optane Memory 32GB drive had an overall score of 2,627 points with sequential read speeds of 1,239 MB/s and 276 MB/s write as the boot drive. Those scores improved with is as an empty secondary and then in RAID 0 we show up to an overall score of 4,765 with sequential read speeds of 2,473 MB/s and 551 MB/s write. The 4K read performance of ~140 MB/s as a boot drive and ~190 MB/s as a secondary was very impressive! 

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  • forza1sra

    If I have a nvme drive that I boot from can I still use the intel optane to accelerate my HDD since I have a spare m.2 slot?

  • vcadsfv

    In the past there was special subpage where you show how drive behave after some seconds-minuts, why today there are no such a data? This was the main reason o watch your ssd review to check if the drive slow 90% after 15seconds. Now your test are simply boring 🙁

  • Carlos Danger

    How were you able to test using an X99 system, when you even said in your original review, “Intel Optane Memory requires an Intel 200-series chipset motherboard with an open M.2 slot that supports this new feature.”

    • ir0nw0lf

      Probably requires a 2xx chipset for the caching functionality but can work as a normal drive on other chipsets?

    • ProBit Support

      In this benchmark set they were not using the drive as “Optane Memory”, they were just using it like a regular M.2 SSD for direct read/write access.