ASUS A88X-PRO AMD FM2+ Motherboard Review



A88X-PRO AI Suite III Main Screen

Many motherboards come with additional software to allow fine tuning of the features. ASUS includes their AI Suite 3, which on the main screen gives a good overview of what is happening with the system. This information can let you know if the hardware is running well, or if something needs to be modified. ASUS could have gone the familiar route of separating out all their value added software, however a single interface to access all the features is welcome. Across the top are four main menus, 4-Way Optimization, TPU, EPU, DIGI+ and FanXpert2; which are all summarized here on the main screen. There are so many screens and functions available here, it’s hard to imagine a more robust set of motherboard tools.

A88X-PRO AI Suite Feature

In the top right corner, is a little grid icon that provides access to additional features, each of them are fairly self explanatory.

One of the added features is Remote Go! This allows access to the system through various means. Clicking on each one of them will provide a brief description of what they do, and allows them to be configured. For example, the Cloud Go function lets you access your files in a cloud like environment, while Remote Desktop provides access to your system remote from any mobile device. Sure these functions are available outside the AI Suite 3 package, but it is really nice they are all included in one place with one common interface.

A88X-PRO AI Suite TPU Feature

TPU is one of the four main menu options, it allows high level tuning of the APU Frequency, and Ratio (my APU is locked). In addition a few voltage options are available here as well such as CPU, DRAM, APU, VDDNB and SB1.1 Voltage can be adjusted. Finer tuning is possible in the BIOS. In addition, profiles can be loaded and saved for different situations.