AMD Kaveri A8-7600 and A10-7800 APU Review

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AMD Introduces The A10-7800 and A8-7600 Kaveri APUs

AMD today introduced the new AMD A10-7800 and A8-7600 Accelerated Processing Units (APU) to the component channel. These processors are part of AMD’s 4th Generation of APU’s that are code named Kaveri. Kaveri is AMD’s first processor that utilizes the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) and is aimed at the system builder and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) PC market.

AMD Desktop Kaveri APU

Kaveri APUs feature up to 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU) and the number of CPUs and GPUs will vary depending on which A-Series APU you are looking at getting. The four CPU cores use the AMD Steamroller microarchitecture and the 8 GPU cores feature Graphics Core Next (GNC) technology with Mantle and TruseAudio functionality.   Being designed with HSA from the get go allows the CPU and GPU to work together in harmony by quickly dividing and directing tasks to the appropriate cores for new levels of performance and efficiency for desktop and notebook PCs, enabling a new era of compute capabilities with compute cores So, you have the latest latest technology features that AMD has to offer inside a desktop processor for AMD FM2+ platforms (AMD A88X, A78 and A58 Chipset based motherboards).

AMD Kaveri APU Lineup

Today, AMD is refreshing its line of Kaveri APUs with the launch of three new versions; the A10-7800 ($155), A8-7600 ($101) and A6-7400K ($77). Thi will lower the entry price point to the widely-available FM2 platform for those wanting a Kaveri processor from $153 to $77, which is a substantial price decrease. The Intel Pentium G3258 processor is priced at $69.99 shipped, so the AMD A6-7400 will be priced about $10 higher than an unlocked dual-core Haswell processor from the Intel Pentium series. The flagship APU is still the AMD A10-7850K that has a suggested price of $173, but can be found online for $169.97 shipped. AMD A58 based motherboards like the Gigabyte GA-F@A58M-DS2 start at just $46.99 shipped after rebate, so you can pick up a board and a processor for under $125!

Target TDP

It should be noted that the AMD A10-7850K and AMD A10-7700K are both 95W TDP parts and that the three new 28nm Kaveri processors are all 65W and 45W TDP parts. How can they be both? AMD has allowed the processors to have a UEFI/BIOS configurable TDP, so you can adjust the TDP depending on what your specific build needs are (see the image above). This impacts the clock speeds of the processor though, so the overall performance of the processor will be different depending on if you choose the 45W or 65W TDP operating mode.

AMD A10-7800 Kaveri APU

Here is a look at the AMD A10-7800 Kaveri APU. On the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) you’ll find the model model number, manufacturer date, batch number and where it was made. This particular AMD A10-7800 APU was made on week 15 of 2014 in China.

AMD A10-7800 CPU-Z

This AMD A10-7800 APU has four CPU cores and eight active GPU cores (512 stream processors since each GPU has 64 shaders), which make this a fully enabled processor, albeit with locked multipliers. The A10-7800 APU has a base CPU frequency of 3.5GHz and max Turbo Core frequency of 3.9GHz, when configured for a 65w TDP. When configured for a 45w TDP, the CPU cores are clocked at 3.3GHz base and 3.8GHz turbo. The GPU is clocked at 720MHz regardless of the TDP power target.

AMD A8-7600 APU

We also received the AMD A8-7600 APU to test, but this processor was an early engineering sample processor that was made back on week 38 of 2013 in Malaysia.

AMD A8-7600 CPU-Z

This AMD A8-7600 APU also has four CPU cores, but has only 6 active GPU cores (384 stream processors). The A8-7600 APU has a base CPU frequency of 3.3GHz and max Turbo Core frequency of 3.8GHz, when configured for a 65w TDP. When configured for a 45w TDP, the CPU cores are clocked at 3.1GHz base and 3.3GHz turbo. The GPU is clocked at 720MHz regardless of the TDP power target just like on the AMD A10-7800.

AMD A10-7800 APU FM2+ Pins

Flipping the processors over you can see that the pins that make up this FM2+ socketed processor. There are 904 pins on a FM2+ socket for those that are curious.

ASRock FM2A88x-ITX+ Motherboard

Let’s take a look at how the AMD A10-7800 and the A8-7600 APUs both perform in our AMD A88X test platform!


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  • Guest

    This comparison doesnt make sense to me . Apu A10 and A8 cost is more comparable to i3 processors , so it would be better to compare those two rather than comparing to i7.

  • steve bobkid

    ughh I am running AMD A8 7600 right now. it is slower than the Pentium 3 in my backup computer

    • Felix

      Suuuuure it is slower :)))

  • humpidumpi

    You are testing it with Metro Last Light. You kidding me right? This platform is created to play older games at medium settings, world of warcraft and world of tanks type of stuff and that for low cost (you don’t need extra graphics card) and low power consumption. Where’s the benchmark? You made a bunch of irrelevant benchmarks that nobody will ever need.

  • Eugen

    Atrocious review!

    For god’s sake, a Kaveri will be used for light to medium gaming and media playback / encoding and office tasks. Why don’t you add some 18 core Xeon Cinebench scores while you’re at it?

    Get a fanless case and investigate the fanless potential of the 45W mode. Test undervolting.

    Get five 2012 games, five 2013 games and five 2014 games and investigate the optimum 720p and 1080p performance under hand-optimized settings.

    Testing Metro 2033 is like trying to see if your duck meows.

  • albert89

    My final thoughts about this Kaveri review is that it was heavily biased in favour of Intel. And was proudly brought to you by Illegitimate reviews !

  • albert89

    Q:So why was the reviewer too afraid to compare the Kaveri against an i5 ?
    A: Because that would show how much better performing the Kaveri was. Besides who cares if the Kaveri is at 28nm when compared to Intel’s 22nm.

  • Anonymous

    The fact AMD sends reviewers engineering sample of A8-7600 means only one thing. It will not be available at retailer until next year.

    AMD did the same paper launch for A8-7600 in early January this year. 7 months later, product still not available for purchase. Even HP prebuilt PC only listed for ordering.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong. The A8-7600 is available right now and ships within 24 hours at Tiger Direct for $109.99. It should be available at Newegg and Amazon sometime next week.

  • guest

    You know this is an Apu right?
    Where is the game benchmarks?

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      You know this is an APU right?
      Who would be interested in Minesweeper and Bejeweled benchmarks?

      • Guest

        Even an intelgpu can run thoose games mate:)
        Was more thinking about games like Battlefield 3 Tomb Raider Bioschock etc
        Thats what this apu is meant for.
        If i wanted to use a graphics card i would i would buy a fx6300 or an intel i5 if it was on offer:)
        Anyway ive found the game benchmarks on another site:)

        • Nathan Kirsch

          I’ll be adding some game benchmarks for you. Testing at both TDP power targets on the processors took a little longer than planned and we had to get the article up on the launch day.

        • Nathan Kirsch

          I have added Metro Last Light benchmark results in on a page for you.

    • ye

      You know this is an APU right?

  • basroil

    Kind of pathetic considering these chips almost lost to intel integrated graphics on bench tests!

    Efficiency improvements are a welcome change though, maybe AMD finally is getting their stuff together and figuring out how to merge high performance and good efficiency like Intel did years ago.

    • Zero

      Actually Intel is dedicating all their efforts to GPU, but now they are consuming more power :/

      On the other hand AMD FAILED hard in the A10 7800 scores and hyped the A8 7600 who is cheaper and graphically better than a Core i3 (but in CPU performance is pretty bad).

      AMD now stands for gaming and Intel for serious business…from Core i5…