The Killer NIC and Killer K1 Gaming Network Cards


The Test System

To test out the performance of the Killer NIC and Killer K1, I thought I’d do something different and invite some staff, forum members and some of my neighbors that game to come over and give their feedback on how the card does.

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We gathered around and played Counter-Strike and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter during an evening of hanging out, gaming, BBQ’ing and testing out the Killer NIC and Killer K1 on two test systems.

The first real test of the evening was a blind test of what we would consider an average gaming system. The test system was running Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit on an ASUS M2A-VM motherboard with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ processor. A 2GB kit of Corsair PC2-8500 DOMINATORS was used as well as an XFX GeForce 7900GS graphics card, ASUS PhysX PPU and Corsair 620W Power Supply kept everything running smoothly. The Killer K1 network interface card was used on this system and was updated with the latest drivers from Bigfoot Networks, which was version

The Test System

The test system was then covered with the cardboard box that the Killer NIC and Killer K1 was shipped in, which made it to where no one could see when the card was installed or not. Basically everyone was able to get on this Windows Vista machine and play some GRAW with physics enabled and the Killer K1 installed on a pretty killer system. Could they tell when the card when the Killer K1 was installed and when it was removed?

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