Intel SSD 750 NVMe PCIe SSD Review


IOMeter 4KB Random Performance

Our 4KB random performance test is conducted in the same manner as our sequential tests, but once the drive is conditioned we run our saved random test profile that runs our 4KB test for two minutes without any idle time in between the tests. The queue depth is set to 32 on four workers and the test is begun. To get the benefits from NVMe based drives you must use multiple CPU queues and this is why we are now using four workers for this IOMeter test.


IOPS is the main thing we are looking at in this test scenario and the Intel SSD 750 1.2TB drive is rated at 440,000 IOPS for the 4K Random Read and 290,000 for the 4KB Random Writes. As you can see we were able to beat both those numbers as we got 465,400 IOPS Read and 296,800 IOPS Write.


When it comes to MBps you are looking at 1906MB/s on the 4KB Random Reads and a wicked 1216MB/s on the 4KB Random writes.


The response times on the Intel SSD 750 1.2TB NVMe SSD were much faster than that seen on the other drives that we have be able to test out on our new Intel X99 platform we are using for storage drives! It looks like NVMe really shines on the 4KB random workloads, which makes sense as that is what the specification was designed to do!