ASUS Radeon R9 390X STRIX 8GB Video Card Review


Ashes of the Singularity DX12 Benchmark

Ashes of the Singularity Battle

Today well be looking at one of the very first DirectX 12 game benchmarks by using Stardocks real-time strategy game, Ashes of the Singularity. Ashes of the Singularity was developed with Oxides Nitrous game engine and tells the story of an existential war waged on an unprecedented scale across the galaxy. The Ashes of the Singularity Benchmark was never designed as a synthetic stress test, but a real world test that was used internally to measure overall system performance. That internal developer tool was recently released to the public as a DX12 benchmark!


We ran the benchmark at 3840×2160 with MSAA disabled and found that ASUS Radeon R9 390X STRIX did better than the AMD Radeon R9 Nano on the DirectX 11 test, but was just a tenth of a frame per second slower when the DirectX 12 API was used.

ASUS Radeon R9 390X STRIX DX12 Results:

390x ashes

ASUS GeForce GTX 970 Mini-ITX DX12 Results:


AMD Radeon R9 Nano DX12 Results: