ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ASRock Fatal1ty Professional P67 Motherboard Layout

Over the past year or so I have had the opportunity to look at several different ASRock motherboards. They have ranged from the AMD 890GX chipest, two of those actually, an AMD 890FX chipset motherboard, as well as the ASRock X58 Extreme3. I can honestly say not a single one of them have disappointed me. Each and every one of the ASRock boards I have looked at has performed great and offered more features that I would have thought possible for the price they came in at. Today we had the opportunity to look at on of ASRock’s Intel P67 chipset motherboards, the ASRock Fatal1ty Professional. Once again I wasn’t disappointed.

The gaming performance of the ASRock Fatal1ty Professional P67 motherboard was right on track with all of the Intel P67 offerings that we have looked at so far. In fact, it was even able to lead the pack at times. If I could change anything about the ASRock Fatal1ty Professional P67 motherboard there wouldn’t be much. The only feature I would change is eliminating the IDE and Floppy headers. If this were an entry level motherboard, sure throw them on there for people looking to use the old hardware out of an existing system. The ASRock Fatal1ty Professional is aimed at the enthusiast market, and very few are going to use a floppy disk drive or an old and out-dated IDE hard drive. I suppose that the presence of the IDE and floppy disk headers does open the market up to this board just a little bit more.

Our overclocking results weren’t quite up to the level that we have seen on some of the boards we have used in the past. Though the ASRock Fatal1ty Professional does have a leg up on all of the boards we have overclocked. The highest “auto” overclock that we have seen so far was the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe. When we used the ASUS auto tune on the P8P67 Deluxe we saw our Intel Core i5 2500K processor go from 3.3GHz to 4.326GHz. The ASRock Fatal1ty Professional gave us the ability to choose the speed that we wanted through the UEFI BIOS and the OC Tweaker. We could choose between 4.0GHz and 4.8GHz in 200MHz increments. We were able to pick the maximum available clock speed and run with it. With nothing more than choosing 4.8GHz in the BIOS we were now running with it! That is nearly 500MHz faster than any of the other boards auto tune technology!

One of the key selling points of the ASRock Fatal1ty Professional P67 motherboard is price. Right now we can find the Fatal1ty Professional B3 stepping for  $219.99 with free shipping brand new or if you don’t mind open box specials Newegg has some of these boards this very second for $183.99. This isn’t a low cost P67 board by any means, but it also isn’t priced the highest. The ASRock Fatal1ty Professional P67 motherboard is backed by a two year warranty from ASRock for some piece of mind in your purchase.

ASRock Fatal1ty Professional P67 Editors Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line: Once again ASRock has put out a phenomenal product with the ASRock Fatal1ty Professional! The ASRock Fatal1ty Professional was able to keep up the top tier boards for a price of only $219.99 with free shipping!

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