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Temperature Testing

The ADATA XPG GAMMIX S10 512GB drive was running 27C on our open air test bench in a room that had an ambient temperature of 23C (74F).

When we doing our testing we copied over about 100GB of data to the drive and noticed that the drive temperature topped out at 62C during that operation. We did not test the ADATA XPG GAMMIX S10 512GB drive with the heatspreader removed as the thermal adhesive would have been trashed.

Our friend Billy Tallis over at Anandtech did a review on this drive and fully removed the heatspreader off of GAMMIX S10 drive. He found that the thermal adhesive did not make full contact with TLC NAND Flash, DRAM or SMI controller. It looks like this heatspreader was designed more for appearance than functionality. It would have been nice to see the SMI controller getting full heatspreader coverage, but it looks like it gets the least of any component.

GAMMIX S10 Thermal Tape

Image Credit: Billy Tallis at Anandtech

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