ADATA Premier SP550 120GB, 240GB and 480GB SSD Review


Final Thoughts & Conclusions

ADATA Premier SP550 SSDs

The ADATA SP550 SSD Series are some of the lowest priced drives that you can buy and that will likely get peoples attention. We fully understand that as a 240GB SSD for under $55 without the hassle of rebates is pretty amazing. If you’ve never tried an SSD before the ADATA SP550 series are an inexpensive way to upgrade from that old school rotational hard drive that so many people are still using today. While the ADATA SP550 SSDs are decent little drives you need to make sure they are right for your usage scenario.

Our testing showed that the sustained write performance on this series of drives is about as low as you are going to see. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ most certainly applies here. This means that if you do a ton large data writes to an SSD that you’ll be pulling your hair out. The good news if you aren’t moving around a ton of movies, games or massive sized files this SSD should be a pretty good choice for budget builds.

Entry-Level SSD Pricing on June 16th 2016
Drive 240/250/256GB 480/500/512GB 960GB/1TB
ADATA Premier SP550 $54.99 $108.99 $205.99
Crucial BX200 $64.79 $118.28 $239.99
Crucial MX200 $79.99 $139.00 $269.94
Kingston UV400 $59.99 $119.00 ETA July
OCZ Trion 100 $61.62 $144.90 $233.95
OCZ Trion 150 $62.99 $109.98 $199.99
Plextor M6V $82.30 $151.58
Samsung 750 EVO $83.70 $149.99
Samsung 850 EVO $89.99 $154.84 $229.99
Sandisk X400 $79.99 $124.99 $229.49
Sandisk Ultra II $70.99 $119.00 $219.48

When it comes to pricing the ADATA Premier SP550 120GB drive is priced at $37.99, but we wouldn’t recommend that model as the 240GB model costs just $17 more ($54.99) and offers much better performance and double the capacity. The 480GB model at $108.99 is also a solid choice and we saw the best sustained write performance from that model. Our suggestions if you want to go with this drive is to get a 240GB or 480GB model and put it in a machine that you don’t do too many sustained writes on!

Legit Bottom Line: The ADATA Premier SP550 SSD series is one of the lowest cost TLC drives on the market and offer decent performance as long as you don’t do many sustained writes!