120mm Water Cooler Round Up Part 2 – Looking Inside


Scythe APSALUS II 120 and CM Seidon 120M Compared

Scythe and Cooler Master Pumps

The Cooler Master (left) and Scythe (right) upper halves. The orientation of the impeller and discharge in relation to the fittings is quite similar.

Scythe and Cooler Master Impellers

Even the baffles are similar, not 100% interchangeable, but darn close.

Scythe and Cooler Master cold plates

Cold plate is similar. The Cooler Master (left) is a large hunk of copper. With foam at two ends to control flow. The Scythe (right) is two parts, the cold plate and a plastic adapter that attaches to the upper half. The flow control foam attaches straight to the cooling fins.