120mm Water Cooler Round Up Part 2 – Looking Inside


Zalman LQ315 Disassembly

Zalman LQ Pump housing

The Zalman LQ315 is also of Asetek design, just different generations.

Zalman LQ Pump split in half

Like the others, removal of 12 screws and the unit splits apart into two halves. Upper half on left, lower on right.

Zalman LQ cold plate removed from lower half

Another 8 will separate the cold plate from the lower half. There is a gasket that directs the fluid to the center of the cold plate, out the left/right and pulled back into the loop via the impeller.

Zalman LQ cold plate

On the underneath side of the gasket is a channel, this funnels the coolant down through slot in a sheet metal shield.

Zalman LQ pump top removed

Pulling the upper half apart the back of the top has cleat plastic with painted lines to help defuse the LED light on the circuit board.