120mm Water Cooler Round Up Part 2 – Looking Inside


Scythe APSALUS II 120 Disassembly

Scythe pump housing

The Scythe unit is known to be a Asetek design.

Scythe pump split in half

Removing 14 screws we can now split the unit in half. 12 screws hold the unit together, 2 smaller screws hold the top on.

Scythe baffle removed

The pulling a baffle we can see the impeller. The impeller on the Scythe unit spins on a metal post rather than ceramic like on the Cooler Master Seidion 120M.

Scythe cold plate and lower half

Another 10 screws hold the cold plate to the lower half of the housing.

Scythe cold plate close up

Looking closer at the cold plate we can see there is a foam foam baffle that keeps the coolant directed through the fins.

Scythe pump with cover removed

Here we have the cover removed from the pump top.