AMD Athlon 5350 APU and AM1 Platform Review

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Noise Levels and Power Testing



The AMD AM1 platform was nearly silent at idle with a reading of just 36.7 dB from a distance about a foot away from the motherboard. At and idle the processor averaged 9.4C and the fan wasn’t spinning that fast at all.


After running Prime95 64-bit for a good half hour to heat everything up to full operating temperature we found that the fan speed did increase, but only by a very small amount. The ramp up caused the sound level to increase to 37.4 dB, but even that is far from what we would consider to be ‘loud’ for a system! 


Power consumption of the AMD AM1 platform came out pretty good. Our system idle power jumped around 13.4-14.3 Watts, but averaged out to be 14 Watts, which is pretty nice. When playing videos or running games you can expect to be running around 20-30 Watts and when the CPU is at 100% load with Prim95 64-bit we were able to hit 33.5 Watts at the wall. You certainly don’t need a large power supply for this system!

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  • Raj

    Is this mb compatible with Intel processors also like amd athlon processer. Plz reply…..

  • mike

    Having graphics problems on gaming used a gtx 650 pci express with this apu what am I doing wrong do I need new driver download for apu

  • Shankovich

    Can you do some benchmarks with a discreet GPU? If this CPU along with mantle could really show just how much overhead mantle removes.

    • marley

      That would not work as only high end games support it and it would not run on this platform

      • Shankovich

        How do you know that? Mantle removes CPU overhead and dependence. It’d be cool to see how some games run at bare minimum settings on this just to see how well mantle removes overhead.

  • Medallish

    Made this for someone in my family, I can recommend the Asrock AM1H-ITX, unless you want to fiddle around with picoPSU’s in order to make it this small.

    • Mario Abram

      Are you able to measure power?

      How much is idle power consumption with brick adapter?

      • Medallish

        I don’t know how accurate it was but according to this wall power meassure(I’m sure there’s a better word for it) I have it idled around 16-17w, that is with AVG running in the background and the screen on.

        *edit* it was a 90W brick.