Zaward Generation 3 Golf Fan 120mm & 140mm Review


Conclusion & Final Thoughts

ZG3-80C, ZG3-120C, ZG3-140C

Zaward’s new G3 Golf Fans are relatively new to the market, and currently only available directly from Zaward on Ebay for $17.65 with Free Shipping. Though, the particular 140mm model we tested today is not available on Ebay; its PWM variant is for $17.65 as well. All of these fans come with your standard 1 year warranty which is a bit slim when you consider other fans in this niche market and price range easily come with 3+ year warranties.

When you consider our testing of these fans, I’d say Zaward did an amazing job with their product, as these fans easily meet the specs they say on the box, even if the airflow does fall a bit short. The real downfall to these fans is the static pressure. Even if you factor in these fans are rather low in terms of rotational speed, the static pressure needs to be increased, as the 120mm or 140mm fans can easily get chocked up, if three or more 3.5″ HDD/SSD devices are packed in front of them. Which, this is the case when you’re talking about intake fans on most computer cases.

On the flip side, these fans would easily make great exhaust fans or side panel fans dues to their quiet operation, high CFM, and low vibrations. I’ll be honest and say that these fans did not have the smoothest bearing I have ever heard or felt. They definitely did not vibrate a lot, even on a very stiff and rigid surface. This is an instant positive when it comes to side panel fans, as more noise is often created from the vibrations of a low quality fan, compared to a high quality one like this model.

It should go without saying that I do not recommend using these fans with your heatsinks or radiators in your system. While they are great at pushing air, even a heatsink or radiator with a low fin count like the Noctua NH-D14 would perform worse with these fans, compared to the stock solutions. I would only recommend these products for a low restriction environment like blowing onto your GPUs from the side panel or exhausting heat out the back or rear of your case.

Legit Bottom Line: Zaward’s G3 Golf Fan lineup is an innovative and quiet solution for the exhaust or side panel of your computer case.

Innovation Award
ZG3-120C Golf Fan Blade

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