The Sapphire ATI X850 XT PCI-Express Graphics Card

Now that the high end ATI cards are finally showing up on the market en masse, Legit Reviews takes a look at Sapphire?s X850 XT video card. LR tests the X850 XT in a variety of configurations against a pair of XFX 6600GT SLI mode on the ever popular DFI NF4 SLI-DR Athlon 64 motherboard.

By Legit Staff

The XFX 6600GT…..Performance on a budget

Last week I brought you my thoughts on the ABIT RX600 video card for PCI-E systems. During the testing phase of that review I used an XFX 6600GT video card for comparison and while the RX600 showed to be a decent card for people looking to transition to PCI-E systems while on a budget, the XFX stole the show by simply crushing the RX600 across the board.

By Legit Staff


The ABIT RX600 Pro-GURU was the first card from ABIT that featured vGURU technology. Today we take a look at this card and see how it performs and give the vGURU software a test drive. It looks like vGURU is going to be a feature on many of ABIT’s upcoming cards, so we better get used to it!

By Legit Staff

HIS Excalibur X600 XT VIVO Edition

With the release of numerous new Gaming titles like Doom III and Half-Life 2, we return to our video card stock pile, find the HIS X600 XT and decide to take it through our gauntlet of benchmarks. With a challenge from ASUS’ AGP 9600XT, the HIS PCI-E card shows what it could do in your new system!

By jw