HIS Radeon 9600SE ViVo Video Card

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review brings our third HIS video card review in a row. We started off
by reviewing one of HIS’s midrange cards: the 9600XT Turbo. Next we looked
at an enthusiast solution: the 9800 Pro IceQ. Today we are visiting their
budget line by reviewing the 9600SE VIVO edition 128mb graphics card.
Budget lines consume the majority of the market for most computer hardware,
so we will be evaluating this card with budget performance in mind.

HIS has
proved to us with three of their graphics cards from three different marketing
segments that their graphic solutions meet their expected requirements.
There is no need for us to go in to HIS’s company history again, if you
want more information on HIS as a company, please visit their website.

We’ll begin by finding out what is included with the HIS 9600SE VIVO card.


HIS Package

HIS has
included a driver CD, PowerDirector 2.5, PowerDVD 5, and Ballistics. Also
included is a User Manual, VIVO cable to handle S-Video or Composite Video
in or out, S-Video cable, and a DVI to VGA adapter.

HIS has
included everything you need to start using this card to its full potential.
This includes being ready to capture your favorite video! If you want
audio with your video, you will have to purchase the necessary audio cables
on your own.


PowerDirector 2.5 VE

The above
screen shot is of the included PowerDirector 2.5 VE software included
in the HIS Platinum Package. This software can be used to capture video
or audio, edit the video or audio, and continue to burn to VCD. If you
wish to make DVD or SVCD projects, you must purchase the upgraded version
of PowerDirector. VCD projects are the only project type allowed with
the included software.

I did
test the VIVO feature of this card by connecting a DVD player via the
Composite Video In and watched “2 Fast 2 Furious” through the
PowerDirector software. We also had the audio running into the computer
via the Line-In port on the motherboard. This configuration allowed for
great audio/video quality and no problems what-so-ever! A similar setup
could be used to connect a VHS player or digital camcorder to capture
video to the computer.

Next we will begin looking at the card!

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