Chaintech Apogee A-FX71




We have recently received quite a few e-mails asking us to take a look at a card that the average gamer could afford. Last week we took a look at the retail ATI 9600 PRO from one of our favorite online resellers and took it for a test drive with some pretty good results! Since then, we have gotten quite a few e-mails asking us what we thought of the 5600 Ultra so today we are looking at the Chaintech Apogee A-FX71, which is based on the nVidia 5600 Ultra VPU.

The Bundle:


  • S-Video Cable (150cm)
  • Composite Cable
  • VIVO Cable (4 port)
  • DVI-I to VGA Adapter
  • Anti-Static Brush
  • Q Ball (Monitor Cleaner)
  • 4-pin Molex power cable w/ a splitter

Bundled software

  • 3Deep
  • WinDVD 6 Channel
  • WinDVD Creator
  • WinRip
  • WinProducer 3.0
  • MDK2
  • Game pack (5 in 1)

Compared to some of the more recent video card bundles I have seen, the Chaintech A-FX71 comes with a very nice bundle with some items that are useful to the gamer or enthusiast.

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