Rosewill Thor V2 XL-ATX Full Tower Case Review

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Thor v2 Interior Impressions

Thor Open

The Thor v2 looks just about the same on the inside. Not a whole lot has changed besides the new USB 3.0 pass-through cable replacing the old single USB 2.0 connector.

Rosewill Thor XL-ATX Gaming Case Tooless Bays

The 5.25″ Retention System is the exact same as before. Nothing’s changed here, and I’m happy to see this, as it allows you to use tooless, or screws. Which is very useful and helpful.

PCI Slots

In a more standard fashion, the Thor v2 uses thumbscrews; unlike the Thor v1 which used a tooless retention system. Users did complain about it being harder to use, and more complicated; so Rosewill’s v2 model went with a simpler solution that’s semi-tooless.

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