Rosewill Thor V2 XL-ATX Full Tower Case Review

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Unboxing The Rosewill Thor v2 Case

Box Front

So, with the start off, the Thor v2’s box makes no mention of it being a Thor or Version 2; not a huge deal, but I think they should have made some mention of it.
With that said, the box definitely feels thicker, which is nice.

Box Back

Like on the Thor v1, the V2 box does not tell us anything about the case. Honestly, I would like for Rosewill to update the packaging to at least tell you some features and to let you know you got a v2 as you can see, the label doesn’t say it’s a v2 under the “CASE” section.

Box Open

When I said the box felt thicker, it wasn’t my imagination; Rosewill opted to use a double-box this time with two cardboard layers to protect the case. That’s a great improvement, only some companies do this, but I’d love to see it become a standard since most cases are shipped with just a label on the main box.


As found on the last iteration of the Thor; we’ve got the same semi-clear plastic bag covering the case as well as a 1″ foam protective barrier on the top and bottom of the case.

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