Rosewill Thor V2 XL-ATX Full Tower Case Review

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Thor v2 Exterior Impressions (Continued)

Front Panel

Speaking of the Front-Panel, this is the front panel of the Thor v2 with the same red lighting used last time. The fan control nob is definitely off center on my sample; but this time, it did not burn out as soon as I turned it on, and it actually works.

Top Vents

It’s a return of the silly vents which still do not allow for Airflow to go through the top of the case if they are closed. Why they have these is still beyond me. Looking at Newegg comments, no one seems to really like them.

Rosewill Thor XL-ATX Gaming Case Front LED Switch

The small switch you see nestled in between the fins on the front of the case, is to turn the front 230mm fan’s LED on or off.
I really wish Rosewill would have put this on the top of the case, since a case of this size won’t be on top of your desk.

Case Bottom

Here’s another point where I would have liked the v2 to change; the bottom intake fan uses it’s own filter that needs to be accessed from the inside of the case which is a pain. The PSU uses an easily removable filter from the bottom of the case. Roesewill should have redesigned the bottom for a unified intake on the bottom of the case.

If you notice on the bottom of the case, we have the same case feet as last time. Which is always nice to see, since these solid steel casters with foam bottoms are actually top notch.

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