Quick Look: Corsair Force MP600 Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe SSD on AMD X570


Performance Testing: ATTO & Crystal Disk Benchmark

The third test in our suite is ATTO. ATTO is one of the oldest drive benchmarks still being used today and is still very relevant in the SSD world. ATTO measures transfers across a specific volume length. It measures raw transfer rates for both reads and writes and places the data into graphs that can be very easily interpreted. The test was run with the default runs of 0.5KB through 8192KB transfer sizes with the total length being 256MB. We tested at a queue depth of 1 and 4.

Corsair Force MP600 ATTO Performance at QD1
Inland Pro 1TB ATTO Performance at QD1

At QD1, the two drives had similar performance until the 16k tests, where the additional speed of the PCIe Gen 4 equipped Corsair Force MP600 starts to show.

Corsair Force MP600 ATTO Performance at QD4
Inland Pro 1TB ATTO Performance at QD4

In the QD4 tests we saw a repeat of QD1 testing. At 16KB file size the Corsair Force MP600 has a lead that grows over the rest of the tests.

Crystal Disk Benchmark

Corsair Force MP600 Crystal Disk Performance
Inland Pro 1TB Crystal Disk Performance

In the final test results, we have old faithful, Crystal Disk Benchmark. The Corsair Force MP600 lays the smack down here, just 5MB/s shy of 5GB per second of sequential read speed, and 4285MB/s write. Both of these numbers are above the listed specification provided by Corsair. The Inland Premium drive performs much higher than its specifications, but is around 40% behind the PCIe Gen 4 equipped Corsair Force MP600.