Quick Look: Corsair Force MP600 Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe SSD on AMD X570


Performance Testing: AS SSD & Anvil

Our first test is AS SSD. We have been running the AS-SSD Benchmark app for years now and found that it gives a broad result set. The programmer has worked very hard on this software and continues to make updates often so if you use it, show him some love and send him a donation. Today we will be using the standard tests, along with the copy tests.


Corsair Force MP600 AS SSD Performance
Inland Pro 1TB AS SSD Performance

In the standard tests, the Corsair Force MP600 outruns the Inland drive by over 1GB/s in sequential read and just over 700MB/s in sequential writes. In the 4k tests, the two drives trade blows with the Corsair Force MP600 showing a 4MB/s lead in the very important 4k queue depth 1 read test.

Corsair Force MP600 AS SSD Copy Performance
Inland Pro 1TB AS SSD Copy Performance

We then tested AS SSD copy performance, and it got weird. The Inland Premium drive swept the copy test suite. We retested the Corsair Force MP600 but the speeds did not improve.

Anvil Storage

Next up we tested the drive with Anvil Storage. Its a very powerful tool that measures performance through a variety of tests which can be customized. Since some of the tests more or less duplicate what we get from other benchmarks we use already, we decided to use the IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) testing on 4KB file sizes at a queue depth of 4, 16, and 32. IOPS performance is something SSD makers tout quite a bit but we generally dont do a lot of IOPS testing because frankly a lot of users cant relate to IOPS metrics as well and it tends to be more meaningful to the enterprise/server crowd. Still, it is another performance indicator with relevance and while some drives post good MB/s numbers, their IOPS scores arent always commensurate which this test will prove out.

Corsair Force MP600 Anvil Performance
Inland Pro 1TB Anvil Performance

The Corsair Force MP600 had a clean sweep of the read tests, and also posted higher IOPS on the sequential write tests. The Inland Premium drive shows very slightly higher IOPS in the other write tests.