PowerColor Radeon R7 250X 1GB Video Card Review

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Power Consumption

 PowerColor AXR7 250X Power Connector

For testing power consumption, we took our test system and plugged it into a Kill-A-Watt power meter. For idle numbers, we allowed the system to idle on the desktop for 15 minutes and took the reading. For load numbers we ran Battlefield 4 at 1920×1080 and recorded the average idle reading and the peak gaming reading on the power meter.


Power Consumption Results: The PowerColor Radeon R7 250X 1GB video card had solid power efficiency numbers and our entire system (minus the monitor) at the wall outlet was pulling 110 Watts at idle and 244 Watts load. This puts the power consumption while gaming at about ~20 Watts more than the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750. Keep in mind the EVGA GeForce GTX 750 1GB Superclocked video card was significantly faster in the benchmarks, so it wins when it comes to performance and power consumption albeit the card does cost about around $20 to $30 more.

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