Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Mid-Tower Case Review

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The Nanoxia Deep Silence 1

When it comes to choosing a case for our computers many typically look at the top tier manufacturers like Cooler Master, Lian Li, Silverstone, Fractal Designs. Even I have to admit that these are typically on my list as well and for good reasons, because we have come to know these companies on providing us with high quality modern day chassis’. Does this mean that any of the new comers that are entering as a computer chassis provider does not stand a chance? No, it does not. One of these new comers that we already come to know as a maker of top quality computer chassis fans, has just recently expanded their portfolio to include computer chassis. If this newest addition of chassis is any indication of what to expect from Nanoxia, I will have to say that the competition has gotten a bit fiercer.

Deep Silence 1

We are going to looking at one of the newest members of chassis form Nanoxia, the Deep Silence 1. This chassis also comes in four different color variations for which we can choose a chassis color that fits our unique computing style. These colors include; Dark Black, White, Anthracite, and finally this chassis in Silver. We happen to be looking more closely at the Dark Black Deep Silence 1 chassis in this review.

Deep Silence 1

Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Specifications:

  • Case Type: Mid-Tower
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • 5.25” Bays: 3
  • 3.5” external bay: 1 (Adapter)
  • 2.5/3.5” Drive Bays: 8
  • Fans Front: 2x120mm
  • Fans Rear: 1x140mm
  • Optional Fans: Top 2×120/140mm, Side 1×120/140mm, Bottom 1×120/140mm
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 517mm x 220mm x 532mm
  • Weight: 11.34kg
  • Maximum VGA Size: 315 – 445 mm
  • Dust Filters: Front, Side, Bottom
  • PCI Expansion Ports: 8
  • Noise Insulator: Bituman/bitumen foam

Now Nanoxia classifies the Deep Silence 1 chassis as a mid-tower, after me physically seeing this chassis this chassis is by no means a typical mid-tower chassis, the Deep Silence 1 is simply huge and is pretty close resembles itself to being as one of my full-tower chassis’. Scanning the specifications a bit more reveals that this chassis uses a sound deadening material on the side panels, this does add a bit more weight to the side panels so when you remove them be careful not to drop these side panels. We also have the option of being able to install up to 7 120/140mm fans in the Deep Silence 1 chassis. I also like to point out that the Deep Silence 1 chassis is the first of its kind to have eight PCI expansion ports, typical mid-tower chassis’ only have up to seven PCI expansion ports.

Key Features of the Deep Silence 1

  • The Deep Silence 1 PC case offers you a perfect combination of excellent system cooling at extremly low noise levels. Many unique features like the Air Chimney and the retractable I/O panel have been integrated into the chassis, this maintains the clean look of the case.
  • Complete customizable soundproofing
  • The Deep Silence 1is fully insulated and lined with sound-absorbing insulation materials. The use of two insulated front doors also contributes to the noise level, as well as the decoupled mounting of the hard drives and power supply unit.
  • Air Chimney (protected design)
    • The Air Chimney can be simply opened or closed using a slider on the side of the top panel. While the Air Chimney remains closed, the uniform design line of the case is preserved and the interior is protected from the intrusion of dust and dirt. While open, the air chimney can be used to improve the case ventilation.
  • Tool-free mounting of optical drives
    • The installation of the optical drives works completely without tools and screws. Corresponding brackets fix the drives quickly and safely.
  • Full modular HDD cages (2, 3, 5, 6 or 8 HDD
    • The Deep Silence 1 provides three fully modular HDD modules (2 x 3 HDD, 1 x 2 HDD). The top two cages are interchangeable and can also be removed if required. An additional bracket on the case bottom enables the mounting of one of the HDD modules, even if for example a 240 mm radiator is installed behind the front.
  • 8 Slots for expansion cards
    • On the back side there are 8 slots for expansion cards. Multi-GPU systems can easily be accommodated in the Deep Silence 1.
  • Maximum graphics card length
    • When using all HDD modules, graphic cards with a maximum length of 315 mm can be accommodated in the Deep Silence 1 case. With disassembled hard drive cages, cards up to 445 mm in length can be mounted.
  • Maximum height of CPU-coolers
    • The maximum installation height of CPU coolers is 185 mm. Thus, all currently available CPU-coolers can be mounted in the Deep Silence 1.
  • 2-channel control for up to six case fans
    • A 2-channel fan controller for up to 6 fans can be found behind the upper door. Three fans with a combined maximum power consumption of 18 Watt can be connected per channel.
  • Ventilation system
    • Behind the front panel two 120 mm “Deep Silence” fans (max. 1300 rpm) are pre-installed, a 140 mm “Deep Silence” fan (max. 1100 rpm) can be found in the rear. Overall, up to 7 impellers can be mounted.
  • Cable management
    • Seven rubberized cable guides are available in the motherboard tray. The cable management has been adapted to the needs of Micro-ATX systems as well. The opening directly behind the power supply unit is big enough to allow the whole cable harness of a PSU to be fed through.
  • Made for watercooling enthusiasts
    • In the Deep Silence 1 you can mount one 120 or 240 mm radiator behind the front panel, as well as under the cover. Outward offset mounting holes in the lid prevent a possible collision with the radiator motherboard components. On the back side there are 4 rubber hose guides for external watercooling systems available.
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