NZXT FX120, FX140, & FS200-R Case Fan Reviews

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FX120 Unboxing (Continued)

FX120 Back

On the opposite side of the fan, we see the same standard NZXT sticker. As I said on the previous page, this fan is OEM’d by Dynatron and goes by the OEM model name of DF1212025_H. Dynatron says these fans use Hydro Dynamic Bearings and not Fluid Dynamic bearings; the difference between the two is negligible at best since FDB is a trademarked term and HDB is not.


Accessories-wise, we get a few more goodies this time with a Molex to 3Pin pass through adapter, 4 normal (black) M4 fan screws and 4 rubber fan screws. Personally, this type of rubber fan mount is my least favorite since it leaves bits to protrude from the back or top of your case. On the other hand, they function just about the same. We also have the Speed Selector switch present, which has the Low, Medium & High Settings.

FX120 Fan Corner

All four corners of this fan are the “open” style, which most consider the best as it means they’ll mount on all heatsinks and radiators, no matter the mounting method, without an issue.

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