NZXT FX120, FX140, & FS200-R Case Fan Reviews

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NZXT FX120 Unboxing

Box Front

On the Front of the FX-120’s box we see basically the same information as the FS-200’s box. We’ve got a CFM rating which tells us the range it operates in (since this fan has 3 speed fan control built onto it). Likewise, we also see the Sound Pressure rating’s range. The box also tells us this fan has 7 blades, 3 speed fan control, a 2 year warranty and a Liquid Bearing which is supposed to be long lasting.

Box Back

Flipping the box over, we’ve got all the specifications printed once again. Likewise, it’s in German, English, French, & Spanish.

NZXT FX Enthusiast Series RX-120RB Case Fan Specifications

Dimensions (Size) 120mm x 120mm x 25mm

 Bearing  Fluid Dynamic Bearing

 Lifetime (MTBF)  35,000 Hours @ ??°C

Settings  Low Medium High
 Current  0.08A 0.15A 0.30A
 Input  0.96w 1.8w 3.6w
Speed 1000RPM±10% 1800RPM±10% 2600RPM±10%
 Airflow 35.8CFM 64.5 96CFM
 Air Pressure  0.75mmH20 2.4mmH20 4.8mmH20
Sound Pressure 22dB(A) 32.8dB(A) 36.5dB(A)

FX-120 Front

Some of you may recognize this fan, as it’s the same base design used on Antec Tri-Cool models. Its OEM name is the Dynatron DF1212025_H.

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