Legit Reviews’ E3 2014 Best of Show

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Best Booth Babe / Product Model

We asked the LR guys who were at this year’s E3 Expo to identify the Best Booth Babe/Product Model.   Of course, your tastes may vary, but this year, the number of models were not as impressive as in year’s past.  Don’t get us wrong, the models who were on the floor in Los Angeles represented their companies and games VERY WELL.

If you want to check our photo gallery of E3 Booth Babes from this year, please check out our article here.


Ken says:E3_Roccat-10

While the Booth Babes weren’t exactly overflowing this year at E3, there were some very fine females present! Some companies like Activision didn’t want their Product Models filmed so we respected their request. Others were front and center with trying to attract as much attention as possible.

With that said, I have to say that the lovely lady from Roccat was my favorite model to talk to (she know her stuff about Roccat and gaming!) and upon further review she wins my vote for Best of Show.



Chris says:E3_Roccat-11

My pick would be the Roccat lady.


David says:E3 2014 Nyko Product Models

The ladies at Nyko in their cute dresses caught my eye. The outfit was clever and followed the theme going on at the Nyko boot while still showing the beauty of each model.


smash4 logo

(Image approximation since Vincent got their phone number but failed to get a sufficient photo…no an cell phone photo doesn’t count Vincent! -KB)

Vince says:

The best Booth Babe‘s this year came from the ladies exhibiting the New Smash Brothers game at the Nintendo booth. Not only were these girls beautiful, but they were actually really fun. As players battled each other for that prized Smash Brothers T-shirt these girls would cheer, yell, and even play themselves.


Well, there you have it! Legit Reviews’ Picks for Best of E3 2014!

We hope that you enjoyed looking back on E3 2014. If you missed anything at all, be sure to check out all of the E3 related content from the past few weeks.  Whether it was an interesting Press Release, or News Item, or in-depth interview, you’ll be able to find it.

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