Legit Reviews’ E3 2014 Best of Show

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Best Booth Setup

We wanted to give props to the companies who had the most unique booths on this year’s E3.  Sure, there were companies that seemed to have almost unlimited amounts of money to spend on their booths with multiple floors, stages, giant monitors, concert speakers, etc.  The glitz is not always the best thing.  We asked our writers who they considered presented the best overall E3 Booth.


David says:Turtle Beach Elite-4

The Turtle Beach booth stood out from the booths around it with its colors and illumination, but also its spacious floor space in contrast to some of the densely laid-out booths of the likes of Activision, EA, and Ubisoft. The drawback to looking cool was that unfortunately, the crowd noise impacted how the demo headsets sounded.

Chris says:Batmobile-2

I like the booth for Batman: Arkham Knight for one reason only the “Batmoble “enough said.



Ken says:NVIDIA Gaming Expo

Without a doubt, NVIDIA taught everyone how to put on a show at E3. It was all about the cutting-edge hardware and new games under the tent. Even though it was across the street from the LA Convention Center, the line to get into see the madness was long. With free drinks, food, and plenty of give-aways, NVIDIA set the standard and easily beat out every other booth I saw at E3…and they even did it without the gratuitous Booth Babes.


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