KLEVV NEO DDR3 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit Review


KLEVV NEO 2400MHz DDR3 Memory Overclocking


Before we get to benchmarking or overclocking the KLEVV NEO memory kit, let’s take a look at CPU-Z and what it tells us about the memory. It verifys that by default it selected the best speed possible, 2400MHz in dual channel. The latency’s are accurate at 11-13-13-31 at a command rate of 2T. This is great as the memory isn’t targeted at enthusiasts who want to get in and adjust timings, it is targeted at the budget minded individual.


The first timing change we attempted was with keeping the voltage the same; no change was possible. Then we tried to overclock the speed, again we were unsuccessfully able to boot into Windows.


Reducing the speed of the memory to 2133MHz we were able to lower the latencies by a point for the most part, and the tRAS by a couple of points. Lowering the memory speed to 1866MHz we were able to take it another point lower. We attempted to increase the voltage to 1.6V and were still unable to go with any tighter timings.


If you would rather keep the default timings but increase the actual speed of the memory, we had some luck taking the memory up to 2666Mhz by increasing the voltage to 1.72V. Even going to 2600Mhz, we had to have the voltage to 1.72V. Going any higher with the voltage starts to get dangerous, however we tried up to 1.76V and were unable to get the memory to boot at 2800Mhz.


We will be focusing our testing on the stock settings of Profile 1. AIDA64 provides us a nice baseline to the memory at its default speeds.