Intel Core i7-5775C Broadwell Processor Review


PCMark 8


We ran the PCMark 8 Home benchmark, which includes workloads that reflect common tasks for a typical home user. These workloads have low computational requirements making PCMark 8 Home suitable for testing the performance of low-cost tablets, notebooks and desktops. Home includes workloads for web browsing, writing, gaming, photo editing, and video chat. The results are combined to give a PCMark 8 Home score for your system.

PCMark 8 Home Accelerated Test Results:

G3285 A8-7600 A10-7800 4770K 4790K 5775C
Overall Score 2555 3181 3322 3449 3597 4462
Web Browsing – JunglePin 0.315s 0.353s 0.351s 0.310s 0.310s 0.305s
Web Browsing – Amazonia 0.134s 0.139s 0.139s 0.134s 0.134s 0.133s
Writing 3.95s 4.79s 4.72s 3.46s 3.14s 4.40s
Photo Editing V2 0.704s 0.331s 0.304s 0.350s .321s 0.128s
Video Chat Playback 30 fps 30 fps 30 fps 30 fps 30 fps 30 fps
Video Chat Encoding 133.3ms 49.7ms 37.7ms 48.0ms 43.0ms 37.0ms
Casual Gaming 23.0 fps 34.8 fps 35.1 fps 35.9 fps 36.4 fps 67.1 fps

Benchmark Results: The Intel Core i7-5775C dominated the PCMark 8 Home Accelerated benchmark test with an overall score of 4,462. If you look closely at the seven work traces used in that are tested you’ll see that the main performance boost came from the casual gaming benchmark where it nearly double the results of the other processors.