IN WIN GreenMe 650W Power Supply Review


Testing results (Efficiency, Noise & Thermal)

The InWin
GreenMe 650W unit easily honors its 80Plus Bronze certification, with the
efficiency reaching up to 87.3% under nominal load and while the unit is
powered from a 230VAC source. A 110VAC source will reduce the overall
efficiency by roughly 0.8% across the entire load range.

The average
power yield and high efficiency of the InWin GreenMe power supply allow it to
run very cool up to 60% load. Under heavy stress however, the temperature delta
between the units operational temperature and the ambient will effectively

the rising temperature above 60% load, the units fan will also speed up in
order to cope with the increasing cooling demand. Therefore, the GreenMe 650W
unit will remain virtually inaudible up to 50-55% load but it will become discernible
at 60-85% load. However, it is only under continuous maximum stress that the
unit actually becomes loud.

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