HyperX Predator 3200MHz DDR4 Memory Kit Review


x264 Encoder Benchmark

x264 Encoder Benchmark allows you to gauge how fast your system will encode a video clip to the x264 format. It takes advantage of the extra cores, making it a good way to gauge the performance.

Hyper-X Predator 3200MHz

Hyper-X Predator 3200MHz

Benchmark Results: For both tests the results came out exactly as we expected. With the HyperX Predator kit in the Intel based system, it was slightly below the G.Skill TridentZ kit, however in the AMD Ryzen system, the Predator took the lead by a small margin. While the synthetic benchmarks have been showing an upwards trend with the faster memory, in a real world environment, we don’t see a huge increase in performance with faster memory.