GIGABYTE GA-A75-D3H FM1 Motherboard Review

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Futuremark 3DMark 11

3DMark 11 Screenshot

3DMark 11 is the latest version of the world’s most popular benchmark for measuring the 3D graphics performance of gaming PCs. 3DMark 11 uses a native DirectX 11 engine designed to make extensive use of all the new features in DirectX 11, including tessellation, compute shaders and multi-threading.

3DMark 11 Settings

Since Futuremark is releasing 3DMark11 today we decided to run the benchmark at both performance and extreme presets to see how our hardware will run.

GIGABYTE GA-A75-D3H 3DMark11 Entry Preset Benchmark Results

GIGABYTE GA-A75-D3H 3DMark 11 Extreme Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results: The overall score in 3DMark 11 at the Entry preset shows the GIGABYTE A75-D3H leading by 276 points or ~18%. The physics score which relies heavily on the CPU being used was dominated by the Intel Core i7 3770K which is a much more powerful CPU, though also more than triple the price of the AMD A8-3870K that we are using on the GIGABYTE A75-D3H. The Graphics score of the GIGABYTE A75-D3H was nearly 400 points higher than the Intel HD 4000 graphics on the Z77-DS3H.

GIGABYTE GA-A75-D3H 3DMark11 Performance Preset Benchmark Results

GIGABYTE GA-A75-D3H 3DMark 11 Performance Benchmark Results

Benchmark results: The results above are similar to what we saw in the entry preset above. The GIGABYTE A75-D3H led the way on the overall score with 1115 3DMarks and 999 points for the graphics score. The GIGABYTE Z77-DS3H led the physics score with the more powerful processor.

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