Everglide Gaming Products – Christmas Roundup


EverGlide TITAN and Conclusion


When it comes to gaming or any kind of detailed work (not to say gaming is detailed) your surface that your mouse moves on is extremely important. The EverGlide TITAN mouse pad is certainly a surface for some detailed work to be carried out. The mouse pad is the standard huge cloth size made of Fibertex Cloth. It is actually the same size as the Razor mouse pad give or take a centimeter or two. It’s very smooth, smoother than the Razor mantis even. But smooth isnt always a good thing, most gamers like the rougher surfaces and even the hard surfaces. For those of you who have seen the doubled sided smooth/rough hard surfaced mouse pads (i.e. Razors eXactMat) this mouse pad would be the smooth side while the razors mantis would be the rough side.


As you can see in the pictures it doesnt have the bunch of grooves like the Mantis does. Its simply….smooth. Gaming on it was more enjoyable than my razor mantis for both the g-1000 and Logitech G7. Like I said before it all comes down to preference, smooth/rough, hard/cloth. If you are in the market for a mouse pad, I highly recommend taking a gander at the EverGlide TITAN.


You wont have to look far to get any of these EverGlide products because the only place you can find them currently are on EverGlides website. Personally after using all 3 items, they are a bit overpriced for the way they felt and seemed to perform. Hopefully EverGlide will realize this and bring prices down. After gaming for hours on end, all products held up well and were still tolerable to wear and use. My ears started to get a little warm after about 2 and half to 3 hours of using the headphones. For once my room was actually quite cool so trying to test perspiration was tough. I can imagine though with no venting in the headphones in a hot room can lead to some discomfort after some time. I know my Sharper Image headphone do and they cover the ears completely. The rubber grips on the g-1000 made it nice to hold on to after several hours straight of gaming with a little sweat. I have a lot of problems with my G7 since it has a glossy finish with no grips of an kind. The current releases from EverGlide have proven worthy of gaming use. However out of the items I tested, I was most impressed with thier headphones and their mouse pad.

Legit Bottom Line: Everglide has some good parts on the market, but their distributuon channel is small and the prices are high as no one else carries them to keep the pricing low! The Everglide S-500 Gaming Headphones and Titan MonsterMat are worth a look if you need an upgrade.

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