Everglide Gaming Products – Christmas Roundup


g-1000 Gaming Mouse Inards and Performance

I actually took the mouse apart to see if there was anything spectacular inside. Once taken apart it was the same exact components as a normal $10 5 button mouse with an added board to accommodate the side buttons and back sensitivity button.


Down to performance, once you get use to the acquired feel (took me a few days to get use to) performed quite well. Precision was nice for headshots in Counter Strike and moved decently across the mouse pad. The size of the mouse felt like it gave me more control but made it seem as though I couldnt do quick 180 degree turns to defend my self in a knife fight. With only 3 DPI settings I couldnt counter act that proportionally to my comfort; it was either too fast or too slow. All gamers are different so this may not be a major factor. Again with the weight, i have not always really cared about weight, but this mouse is light so those gamers who like their mice heavy be aware or get your hacking groove on to put weights in it.

I know we cant compare this mouse to a Razor or a Logitech G series mouse but overall the mouse stuck in there and performed well for its budget class, certainly not worth its 29.99 price tag though. The only deviation from a standard 5 button mouse is its sensitivity settings and unique shape. Other than that you have a standard home/office mouse.

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