ASUS Z97-Pro Wi-Fi AC Intel Z97 Motherboard Review

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ASUS Z97-Pro Wi-Fi AC Intel Z97 Motherboard

ASUS Z97-Pro [Wi-Fi ac] Performance Review

A couple of days ago, ASUS began unveiling their latest Intel Z97 motherboards to the world. We were given the chance to look at the ASUS Z97-Pro (Wi-Fi ac), though we couldn’t show any of the performance benchmarks at that time. Well that time has passed and you can now purchase Intel Z97 motherboards at Newegg. Today we are going to run through our gambit of tests and put the ASUS Z97-Pro [Wi-Fi ac] through its paces. There are a handful of reasons that may make the jump to the Z97 platform worthwhile, if you are already rocking an Intel Haswell system. Though if you’re looking to jump into the Intel Haswell boat, there’s no reason to not go with the latest and greatest chipset.

In addition to ASUS jumping ahead of everybody to show off their Intel Z97 motherboards, they have also released the prices for a handful of their boards. The ASUS Z97-Pro [Wi-Fi ac] that I have in my grubby little mits, will hit the street with a price tag of $219.99. For most that’s a pretty solid price point for the features that are offered. The top board that has been announced at this point is the ASUS Z97-Deluxe (NFC & WLC) for a paltry $399.99. That particular Intel Z97 motherboard from ASUS will include both NFC and a wireless charger.

ASUS Z97-Pro [Wi-Fi ac] Performance Review

The ASUS Z97-Pro [Wi-Fi ac] is a pretty well stacked motherboard for the price. As you go up and down in the ASUS product stack there are going to be some differences and ultimately you’re going to have to decide which of the ASUS motherboards in going to be right for your needs. These days it seems that Wi-Fi is almost a must on a motherboard, and as the name suggests the Z97-Pro [Wi-Fi ac] includes Wireless ac capabilities. As fast as Wireless is, I’m still a fan of wired connections, but that’s not always practical for everybody.

ASUS Z97-Pro [Wi-Fi ac] Performance Review

We aren’t going to go into much depth about the ASUS Z97-Pro (Wi-Fi ac) since we just took an in-depth preview of it here. Let’s take a look at the board and then put the ASUS Z97-Pro (Wi-Fi ac) through its paces.

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  • HelpMe

    How do I connect my
    Samsung 5188-2574 TS-H652 DVD Writer PATA S-MULTI 16X/8X/6X/5X/4X
    to the mother board?

  • Chris

    anyone having issues with the wifi? I installed correctly, but the issue is it seems as if its slow connecting, laggy. I have an older pc upstairs running a usb wifi drive and i get better signal than using this and its right next to the modem.

  • Martyy2k

    Have this board and love it. I do not like the heat from the Devil’s Canyon i7-4790K processor. I have it on a zalman CNPS10X Performa with Gelid Extreme thermal compound but this processor hits amazing heat when running turbo mode if no tweaking for lower stable voltages. I see that by default, the system sets cpu voltage way too high for nothing as I managed to run prime95 @ 4.4Ghz on 4 cores at only 1.115V and 60deg C CPU temp for 2+ hours.
    I like this setup anyways, but I do not like Intel for not getting on the market a better thermal solution even after all the issues on the Haswell 4770K series were known and tested. I hope they go the solder way on next Broadwell CPU’s if they come to deskop ( Supposed too ) or the Skylake’s to come by end of 2015..

  • Rex E Howell Jr.

    I just used this board in a hackintosh with a i7 4790k … its a nice board.


  • Bud Jenkins

    I think this is a beautiful and solid looking series and will probably end up going this route. However I have some questions about the PCIE lanes more specifically how this board (nor the deluxe for that matter) does not have the build in PLX chip that the z97 WS does. I am torn between the deluxe and the WS. Does anyone have any input?

  • ATC

    Is there a dual BIOS?

  • Truelitistnot

    Thanks for the review. Much appreciated.

  • Brian

    This motherboard is my target, There have 8 SATA port, I’m plan to use all 8 SATA port. Do you got try to boot 8 SATA drive, can OS detect all drive?

  • FrankVVV

    I still have an Asus Z87 Deluxe with a 4770K. Had to remove the AI Suite, and will never again install that SW. Brings more problems than anything else. Overclocking with it at ‘automatic’ settings is not stable at all. The SW gives conflicts with some other SW programs.
    Furthermore Asus uses some non standard stuff with their USB ports which can give problems with some devices (like the Logitech 9000 Pro webcam).

  • a

    You forgot to test all the SATA options, there are 3. Intel SATA, ASmedia SATA, SATA from SATAexpress. Comparison with only one board is… 🙁
    $220 is a lot and other boards seem to offer similar options without wifi way below $200 that non wfifi Pro is listed as. Also you forgot to test the temperatures of the motherboard. And so on. Hope other reviews come with Haswell refresh and more detailed.