ASUS Vivobook S500CA 15.6 inch Ultrabook Review


Benchmarking the ASUS S500C

Futuremark 3DMark 11 Entry Level Preset

We aren’t surprised that the ASUS Vivobook S500CA is right on track with the ACER and Cyberpower Ultrabooks. All three are pretty comparable when it comes to the specifications.

Futuremark 3DMark 11 Performance Level Preset

Again there is no surprise that the ASUS Vivobook S500CA was within just a few points of the Cyberpower and ACER systems. The ASUS Vivobook S500CA Ultrabook Scored 620 3DMarks overall while the Cyberpower Zeus M2 hit 635 which is a difference of only 2.4%.

SiSoftware Sandra Memory Benchmark

The ASUS Vivobook S500CA was able to hit an aggregate memory bandwidth performance of ~17.3GB/s which is second only to the Cyberpower Zeus M2 which is faster with an aggregate performance of 19.944GB/s. The ASUS Vivobook S500CA is the only other system besides the Cyberpower Zeus M2 that is using DDR3 1600MHz memory in Dual channel. The ACER Aspire S7 is using 1333MHz memory in Dual Channel while the Dell XPS14 is using 1600MHz memory though only in single channel. The ASUS Vivobook S500CA runs memory with 11,11,11,28,1T timings which is higher than the

x264 HD Video Encoding Benchmark Results

With the specifications between three of our systems so close the results are pretty interchangeable between them. The ASUS Vivobook S500CA and the Cyberpower Zeus are right on top of each other in the x264 HD Video encoding benchmark. We can see a small difference on the first pass, likely due to the difference in memory performance that we saw above, along with the amount of system memory making a difference. The Dell XPS14 was able to pull away in this benchmark thanks in part to taking advantage of the Intel Core i7-3517U.

Futuremark PCMark 7 Benchmark Results

The ASUS Vivobook S500CA took a hit in Futuremark PCMark 7 due to the storage system. The ASUS Vivobook S500CA scored only 3254 points, while the Dell XPS14 scored 4069 in PCMark 7.

ASUS S500C CrystalDiskMark Disk Benchmark Results

The ASUS Vivobook S500CA pretty well got chewed up and spit out when it comes to disk performance. Despite having a 24GB Sandisk SSD which I though was being used for disk caching the ASUS Vivobook S500CA scored only 94.84MB/s sequential read and 98.92MB/s sequential write.

Futuremark Powermark Battery Testing Results

The ASUS Vivobook S500CA lasted 2 hours and 21 minutes in Futuremark Powermark. Considering the load that is place on the system during this benchmark, this is a solid performance.

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